Poll: Who should be the Rockland player of the year?


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Now that we’ve had the Westchester/Putnam player of the year poll up for about a week, I want to know what your thoughts are on the Rockland POY award. The turnout for the first poll was incredible, with 3,191 total yards being cast. Pelham’s Charlie Livingstone was your choice in Westchester/Putnam with 57.69 percent of the vote, so I’m going to have some things to consider as I try to make my decision.

Here are my four finalists for the Rockland player of the year award (which is going to be a very difficult decision, as well). Vote using the poll below, or the one on the right-hand side of your screen:

• Chris Aherne, North Rockland – The senior was probably the top defender in the county, leading a unit that allowed just 12 goals in the regular season and pitched seven shutouts. A big, tall stopper who moves well and excels at winning 50/50 balls in the air, Aherne was one of only a few returning starters for the Red Raiders that helped them win 10 games this season, clinching another league title. Not only was he crucial to North Rockland’s defensive success, but Aherne also led the team in goals with eight goals and five assists. He was a dangerous option on set pieces due to his size, and was also responsible for taking all of the Red Raiders’ penalty kicks. A complete player.

• Chris Coughlan, Pearl River – After playing defense throughout his career, the senior moved into the midfield to help fill a position of need for the Pirates and excelled. He still played mostly defensive mid, where he was often asked to mark the opposing team’s top player in the midfield and helped the team allow just nine goals in the regular season. While continuing to display his defensive instincts and skills, Coughlan also managed to lead Pearl River in goals with 12. But most importantly, he led a young Pirates team that some thought would be in rebuilding mode this year on a surprising run to the Class A final.

• Karlyl Simon, Spring Valley – On a team loaded with offensive talent, Simon stood out as the glue that held it all together. He led the team in assists with 19 while also chipping in 10 goals, sparking the most explosive attack in the county. Using his size and quickness, Simon often dominated the midfield and played with the type of all-out hustle that led Spring Valley to its best regular season in recent memory. The Tigers won 13 games and often seemed to put up goals at will.

• Juan Umana, Tappan Zee – The biggest reason for the Dutchmen’s dramatic turnaround this season had to be the senior goalkeeper. After failing to even qualify for the playoffs last season, TZ won 12 games this year and reached the Class A quarterfinals. Despite not being the prototypical goalkeeper in terms of size and stature, Umana made up for it with quickness and instincts. He had a goals against average of 0.82, including nine shutouts – or, a shutout in half of the Dutchmen’s games. He allowed just two goals in six league games, which resulted in two ties with eventual Class A finalist Pearl River and a share of the league championship – TZ’s first league title since 1999.

Photo by Tania Savayan / The Journal News

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  1. Karlyl is a great soccer player And i like hes skills … Hes the best player in rockland .. U got This karlyl Simón ????????????

  2. Juan should be player of
    The year he had over 150 saves beat no one has ever accomplish something big like that

  3. karlyls teamate on

    Hes a grat player he has the potential to play soccer he has excellent skill and for me he deserves the player of the year and for me he is the best player in rockland and if he doesnt get the player of they year he still is because he deserves more than any other player

  4. For me karlyl simon deserves player of the year because he has the potential to play soccer he has excellent skill and for me he deserves the player of the year and if he doesnt get the best player of the year he still is because he deserves it more than any other player he has alot of TN assists, he has scored game winning goals and has led the .best team in rocland county the spring valley tigers to 10 straight victories this season

  5. This Is Rooben Michel Talking
    I believe that Karlyl Simon should be Name player of the year because of the way he takes everything in charge and of his.skills like he is so Good at his assits if he was for him I would of have 40 goals not 25 and.I love.his Quickness too lets name him player of the year he deserves it Lets go Tigers!!!!!
    Respect is Earned

  6. Juan should be player of The year becuase of a big succesful season he had and because he also made history for Tz after leading them to a league title first since 99′ and most likely first goalie to reach over 150 saves for tz in one season big accomplishment for a goalkeeper he also saved tz from alot of game winning matches they had this year, and he was by far one of the best goalies in rockland county this year if not the best thats why he should be named player of the year for rockland county.

  7. Juan doesn’t only deserve this because of his great goalkeeping talents but because there is a great captain in him and a great leader to the rest of the team.

  8. My bro Juan defiantly deserves this because he was the biggest reason our school did great during the season

  9. Chris coughlan is a clear winner. He led his team to a section title and also scored one of the 3 goals on juan umama in the section quarter finals to send tz home. He is a versitile player who can not only defend but also score goals. His presence on the field is irreplaceable.

  10. If it wasn’t for juan tz wouldent of been champ.. Great player most Amazing !! Saves he had when they played PR the first game incredible saves i would say and not only in those games but all season long he had an amazing season thats why he should be player of the year

  11. Karlyl isnt just a fantastic player skillful player he is a great captain and a grat leader for the team deffenetly one of the best players spring valeey soccer has ever had RESPECT IS EARNED!!!!!!!!!!
    -Edio Giron

  12. 4 year varsity starter I have had the pleasure playing with Karlyl he is a true leader and overall a great player

  13. In my opinion juan umana DOES NOT deserve the best player in rockland my opinion Karlyl Simon should win its no doubt about it that Karlyl simon deserves it

  14. Have u heard of the word your opinion” before well that is wht u think u have ur own opinion dont you.!! In my opinion juan umana should be player of the year go juan u got this you have made history for tappan zee

  15. Pearl River shut out spring valley and north rockland on the way for over 600 minutes of consecutive shut out ball. Chris helped to make this happen and was voted league MVP that TZ was a member so seems he deserves player of the year.

  16. Pearl River was the only team to shut out all rockland teams this year. Chris had significant contributions on defense and offense to this accomplishments. Plus his team made it the deepest in sectional playoffs.

  17. Yet.. Only a few people voted for him…. When every one is voting for juan thats why i think juan should win player of the year my vote goes to juan.. If most people are voting for juan its ovisously becuase they want him to be player of the year its nothing to be surprise for becuase he deserves this more then anyone go juan

  18. defenetly juan even though the others are great players Juan stands out becuase of all the great saves and reputation he has even oppenents said its not easy to find a Goalie like that

  19. John u dont know nothing about soccer so hop off juan does not deserve player of the year and thats a fact so go to sleep

  20. These are just stupid votes thats the only reason juan is winning but the true fact is that Karlyl Simon is the best player of the year there is no need for votes